We are Special



To generate grains and by-products to feed an expanding world population, caring for nutritional quality and food safety.


To produce, process and commercialize food, originated from specially controlled crops, with traceability, high quality and food safety in a sustainable framework.


  • Passion and determination: mind and body focus on the goal.
  • Transparency: consistency between thoughts and actions.
  • Permanent innovation and creativity in processes and products.
  • Commitment to permanent searching for excellence in products quality and food safety.



Special Grains focuses on production , processing and commercialization of special crops, all NON-GMO, managing through good manufacturing practice protocols, ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and preserved identity.

Special Grains aims to produce food or raw material for food following safety and quality standards, protecting and preserving the environment and occupational safety and hygiene, contributing to the social setting where the company is located.

To achieve this, the company general management commits to:

  • Guaranteeing the customers’ satisfaction through management and traceability
  • Optimizing and increasing products, processes and services quality by means of continuous improvement and regular audits
  • Training and raising awareness among the staff and contracted personnel about food safety, environment, occupational safety and hygiene
  • Giving priority to the rational use of natural resources in every operation
  • Complying with rules and legislation currently in force

Management, on behalf of Special Grains, informs all its staff and contracted personnel of the policy and provides economic and human resources needed to carry out each process.